Dispatches From Caracas: 24 Hours Post-Chavez

It’s a beautiful day here in Caracas, Venezuela. I snapped this a few hours ago.

From Caracas: 24 Hours Post-Chavez

Things are quiet. Oddly and eerily quiet. Stores are closed. Normally the roads are clogged like bad arteries, but today there is little traffic to be seen. A week of state-sanctioned mourning is now in effect.

In parts of the city, Chavistas (Chavez supporters) have taken to the streets mourning publicly and without inhibition. In many ways, Chavez was idolized among his supporters, almost lacking human weakness. To see their beloved commandante perish is something many are not prepared to deal with.

The opposition has been quiet, seemingly respectful of his death and the mourning process of family and friends. Though they did not respect Chavez as a leader, I imagine there is dignity in not celebrating death of any kind.

On this beautiful, quiet day, I cannot help but wonder if this is just the calm before the storm. In thirty days, elections are supposedly going to be held to choose a new leader. As of now, there are more questions than answers. Will the opposition provide an ample candidate? Will Henrique Capriles run again? Will Maduro just assume presidency?

Most importantly, will there be peace in this beautiful country that has been paralyzed by polarizing idealogies? One can only hope and wait for the best. My fingers are crossed. Viva Venezuela. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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