11 Reasons Why ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Turned Out To Be A Huge Disappointment

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Facebook
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Facebook

Harry Potter is childhood, right? I am sure most of you will agree with me. When the new book came out, I had a lot of expectations because obviously the first seven books were pure magic. Turns out, this book is not like those. I know the writing is different so we have to adjust to that, which wasn’t as bad as the story line. Don’t hate me just yet, listen to what I have to say.

Here are the 11 reasons why Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is just not good enough.

1. Even after 19 years, Harry Potter continues making stupid decisions. We have all seen or read how Harry forgets to think sometimes, like when he wanted to talk to Sirius but totally forgot that he had a mirror through which he could communicate with him. Seriously, does he just forget to think? Just like that, even after 19 years, he tells his kid “I wish you weren’t my child.” Who does that? Even though you are angry with your child, why would you say something so harsh to him? I thought Harry was about unconditional love.

2. The story revolves around the father-child relationship, rather than the adventure. All seven parts of Harry Potter are filled with thrilling adventures and mystical creatures, which gets your blood rushing, but this book is more about the issues between fathers and their children, including the Dark Lord as well.

3. It’s amazing how Draco has become a wonderful person and a loving husband and father. But why isn’t the love story between Draco and Astoria not discussed more? It seems so abrupt. It would be nice to know where they met and how they fell in love.

4. I thought parents are highly careful while selecting their child’s name, so why would anyone name their child Scorpius? What kind of name is that? Isn’t that an obvious suspicion for a death eater?

5. The story revolved so much around Albus, Scorpio, Harry, and Draco that Ron was like a forceful insertion in the story. His comments were next-to-useless, they held no real importance. He was there just because he is Harry’s best friend – he didn’t have any major role in the little adventure they had.

6. Speaking of Ron, why wasn’t George running the house of jokes? He is the king of funny jokes, who can do it better? And why wasn’t he mentioned in the book once? He and Neville Longbottom fought hard in the battle, and they both have been forgotten about. There was a little mention about Neville, but he wasn’t really present.

7. Although Dumbledore is the wisest man in the book, was he really a necessary part in this book? Throughout the first 7 parts, Dumbledore’s wise words have been repeated and they have been worth repeating, but ‘love blinds us’ really? Is that all he had to say?

8. Albus’s siblings are not even discussed, they are just vaguely mentioned. Looks like they don’t live in the same house. We were told how fun James was and how Lily liked wings, but when the climax came, they ceased to exist.

9. When you are named after a legend, why would you keep complaining about his house? Albus had the privilege of being named after the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Professor Severus Snape. He knew that Professor Snape was in Slytherin and that he was a good man, but he kept on whining about how tragic it is for him to be a Potter and in Slytherin.

10. The villain of the book, Delphi, tried her best to bring back her father, but was it really the best she could do? She showed much less evil traits. Although she caused the boys to get stuck in the time travel situation, she didn’t torture them, she just left them on their own to figure out a way to escape. She should have thought about what Lord Voldemort would have done.

11. The heroes who died fighting in the battle of Hogwarts weren’t even remembered. Except for Snape, other fighters like Lupin, Tonks, “Mad-Eye” Moody, and Dobby – who gave their life for Harry – weren’t even talked about. Fred was mentioned just once, and it did no justice to his sacrifice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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