We Could Be Extraordinary Together, But We’re Just Ordinary Apart


I met you over the weekend. You were mesmerizing, with deep blue eyes.

In alternate universe, we’d be having ice cream after dinner and I’d be helping you wipe off a spot you missed on your lips. You’d letting me try your favorite flavor of ice cream. We’d be talking about the past, about funny stupid memories we have.

We’d take turns to tell personal stories and the stories that we have read.

We would have ran out on time and you’d give me a sweet kiss on the lips and send me home. I would receive your text filled with smiley faces right after and you’d set a day for a second date.

It’s perfect in the alternate universe.

But this isn’t the alternate universe.

I’d rather we didn’t meet that day. Then I’d be able to continue that silly banter we’ve had going on through texts. The texts that makes no sense to anyone
but us.  

I never got to find out what flavor of ice cream you loved or try foods that you haven’t had before with you. I never got to bring you to my favorite bakery in town. Neither did I get to feel how it’d be when you held my hands.

I wish you weren’t that attractive and that maybe I was attractive enough.

I wish you didn’t make me laugh so much during the short encounter and for me to realize that you’ve this shrug when talking about issues the one which I frequently do too.

In the real world, I got to think about why you didn’t reply and maybe I just wasn’t good enough for a second.

And that if I prettier, would things have changed?

Most importantly, I lost a good conversational partner.

We could be extraordinary together, but we’re just ordinary apart.

If you stumble across this, know that I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with you and that I’m sorry I couldn’t know more about you.

But I do miss our banter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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