6 Things You Should Seriously Consider After A Bad Breakup

I’ve had my fair share of breaking hearts and mine being broken. Yeah, yeah we get it. I’m not that special, every single human being in this world goes through a nasty breakup. It sucks I know. We try to dwell in these situations because we look for direction. Well girl (or boy), let me tell you, it is not the end of your love life! Stop dwelling on circumstances that you, personally, cannot help! They are ‘ex’s’ for a reason.
When I go through these things I usually crack my laptop open and search on Google, “How to get over your ex-boyfriend” or “10 reasons why you should be single.” You know, all those sappy posts on the internet (kinda ironic because I’m writing one right now). 

We look for written things to make us feel better about ourselves, to give us comfort for they also have been in this type of situations. You’re trying so hard to forget about that him (or her) but they always, I mean a-l-w-a-y-s end up creeping back in our thoughts! Like what the heck?! I followed all these steps to get rid of you and so why do you keep on coming back! That’s just how our mind and heart works #sorrynotsorry.
I am no way professing that I’m some kind of psychologist or relationship guru but like I said I’ve had my fair share.

1. Cry it out. Yes, I said it, cry it all out. I do not care if you cry for hours or days for that matter, just cry. Sometimes crying is so much better than acting like a tough cookie – there is something about crying that takes all of weights off your shoulder. P.S. I’m a really ugly crier, I mean uhhgglyy. But hey I’m not trying to impress anyone. Let me cry, gosh darn it!

2. DO NOT, I SAID DO NOT LISTEN TO ADELE (her single ‘Hello’ is really good, btw) or any sad/breakup songs. I know, I know, we all love her. She’s like another distant friend that really doesn’t know about you and I’s existence nor the problems we’re facing. Adele creates songs that really speaks to our soul and her lyrics just peels our heart like an onion. Instead, listen to some upbeat music and songs about ‘don’t worry, be happy’. I recommend “Happy” by Pharrell. Lol.

3. You two are probably still friends on social media. So, I know you’re not fooling me or anyone, you’re probably going through their page to see if they tweet about you right now. Most likely not, guys just don’t tweet or post about their feelings…I’m just being honest. Men are adamant about their emotions than women, and they don’t look for sympathy through others. They would rather drink by themselves or with people. That’s another thing, drinking. Drinking is a drug and it will temporary numb you but eventually you sober up. Stop going through their feeds for a while, take some time off social media – focus more on yourself. Most likely or a lot likely) they have moved on with their lives, so what that does make you look? **cough, cough a loser**

4. We live in the digital era where everything is made simple. Typically when both sides go through a break up they tend to look for an easier way to heal the broken hearts. Yes, I am talking about dating apps: such as Tinder, Grindr, POF (Plenty of Fish), and etc. It’s an easy access, anyone who has a smart phone can simply download it. It will NOT heal you. I cannot emphasize it more than I could, it will NOT heal you. I’m telling you this from experience. Yes, it may be easier to forget someone that way but memories of him (or her) still lingers inside you. Time is your friend, it takes time to heal. So I suggest you just be patient. It will suck for a while but it is not the end of the world. You will be alright.
I’ll make this one quick: let the past be the past. Don’t dwell in the past. Live in the present so you can create a better future.

5. Think about your well-being. When we let negative emotions take over us we are putting your heart at risk. The heart is frail little organ and it can only take so much pain until it gives up. Before you think endlessly about him (or her) think about yourself first. Question yourself: is this worth it? Is beating myself up for it worth it? It probably isn’t. Take actions for you, not for other people. They can handle their own weight. Instead of feeling remorseful, be thankful. Be thankful that at least you got to experience an extraordinary love (real or not). The moment you spent together is unique and it can never be duplicated. So just do me a little favor, be thankful. Give your heart a rest, it’s been through a lot.

6. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. We all have flaws whether we accept it or not. The desire of being with someone isn’t always the answer into finding yourself. There is nothing wrong with being alone. Learn to accept who you are as an individual and love yourself unconditionally. Be open to opportunities this planet has to offer.
Now that we are done, go out and have fun! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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