What It’s Really Like To Have A Baby Face


“You’ll love it when you’re older!”

“Oh my goodness, there’s no way you’re that old!”

“So four regular menus and one kids menu?”

…Any of those sound familiar?

If so, there’s a good chance you have a BABY FACE.

I feel your pain.

We have the round cheeks, too-big-for-our-face eyes, and petite body–this constitutes us STRICTLY as being “cute” or “adorable.”

And we’re just like…BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO BE SEXY?!

Back in middle school when all of our friends were “developing” and “getting curves” and, like, actually growing and looking older–we continued to look like little fourth graders. But we weren’t. WE WEREN’T.

It only got worse the older we got. As high school seniors, there were freshman starting school that looked at least two years older than us. And worse–they thought we were one of them. Being a senior but mistaken for a freshman was a daily occurrence. Come to think of it–sometimes we were grateful that we were mistaken for freshman and not sixth graders.

And then we got to college. And by the time we were deep into our third or fourth year we were still being mistaken for freshmen.

Forget fake IDs.

And then there’s the day when you’re twenty years old and you go to buy a lotto ticket, or a lighter, or a SHARPIE–and you get carded.

And people continue to tell us, “I wish I had that problem!” …And we’re just like… NO, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Every time we go to get our nails done the workers are astonished when we reveal our age to them.

We can’t be taken seriously when angry because we just look cute and innocent–which makes us angrier.

But, hey…

We can usually get away with a lot more.

Coloring on kids menus is kind of fun…

Cheaper movie tickets…cheaper clothes…

People are surprised by our maturity because we look so much younger than we are…

And maybe it WILL be nicer when we’re amidst our mid-life crisis but still look 29.

Baby-faced adults UNITE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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