I’m Done Waiting For My Life To Start

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“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Recently I’ve been trying to remind myself that I only have one life to live, and it shouldn’t be spent worrying and hesitating. It shouldn’t be spent overthinking every decision and waiting for the time to be right.

Some decisions do require a little bit of time and pondering–however, those decisions are large and few.


Sometimes, you need to lose control to find yourself. You need to be vulnerable to feel. Sometimes, you need to take a risk despite your innermost fears in order to conquer and destroy them.

Why do we wait? What the hell are we waiting for? We wait for the “right” and “perfect” moment and our dreams become long-lost dreams that we strangely don’t care so much about anymore.

Stop waiting to be more prepared. Stop waiting to be more secure. Stop waiting to get permission that you don’t need. Stop waiting for things to get easier. Stop waiting to be less busy. Stop waiting for the right look or age or person or time or right ANYTHING.

Your life is not a giant to-do list. You don’t go through the motions simply to go through the motions. 

“I’ll be happy once I graduate. I will be happy once I finish this class. I will be happy once I lose ten pounds. I will be happy in my relationship despite how horribly my S.O. treats me currently. I will be happy once I am less busy. I’ll do more fun things when I have the time. I’ll spend more time with my friends and family once I’m less busy.”

Do ANY of those resonate?

Life isn’t something to just “get through.”

You’re not being paid to exist…

…unless you’re Kim Kardashian.

Life is meant to be LIVED. ENGAGED. EXPERIENCED.

{How are we supposed to focus more on living in the now rather than constantly waiting..waiting..waiting..for a perfect moment, person, place, or time?}

Go out with your friends and catch up. If you have kids, be a kid with them. Buy something on a whim without calculating your potential future losses. Take a road trip. Tell that person you love them if you do. Be happy with what you have–now.

You want to marry someone? Ask them. Stop waiting to be more secure or ready or prepared. You’ll figure it out as it happens, with the person you love.

You want to take up ballroom dancing but have two left feet? Only one way to fix that problem.

You think you’ll only be happy if you lose weight… or look different… or worse–be more like someone else? You’re wrong.

You can be happy now.

Yep, go ahead. Start living your life whole-heartedly and passionately.

STOP WAITING. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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