7 Signs They’re Probably Your Soulmate

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights

Regardless of your belief or non-belief in soul mates–a person who is MEANT for you and destined to be with you–it’s likely that you’re going to want to find someone that is pretty dang close to that.

You might start to think about the person you’re dating and wonder…

Is my being with this person holding me back from meeting someone else? Someone different? Better?

If there were some sort of magic ball, giant flashing sign, or even an app that could tell us the name of the person we are meant to be with, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

But, there isn’t.

Instead, we have this:

7 Signs They’re Probably Your Soulmate:

1. They actually make you want to be a better person. And I mean honestly, truly wanting to be better. For them. For you. For everyone in your life. Someone that can effortlessly place that kind of powerful desire in your heart shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Everything is more fun with them around. If your partner can make grocery shopping, working out, long drives, or even just sitting and doing NOTHING fun–there’s a good chance that they’re the one.

3. Even if you just had the worst day of your life and want to cry in a corner, all you want is them. After physically or mentally draining days, it is common for people to just want to be alone with their thoughts and maybe a gallon of ice cream. If you just dealt with annoying people ALL day and the thought of MORE human interaction repulses you, yet all you want is to be with your significant other…it’s not a coincidence.

4. You’re happy when they’re happy. And I mean GENUINELY happy–not that “oh I’m so happy for you” crap that so many people dish out but the words are stale and meaningless. No. If you actually feel happy, warm and satisfied inside just because they are happy– that’s something special.

5. Fights don’t break down the relationship as a whole. Fighting happens, and it can certainly make or break relationships. If the fights are extremely frequent and/or severe, that should be a red flag. Don’t get me wrong–fighting is healthy. It shows that things actually matter and are important to those in the relationship. If the fights continually strengthen and move the relationship forward, that’s more than you could ask for.

6. They support your ambitions, and you support theirs. Not only that, but you both respect the independent parts of one another’s lives. You mutually understand that you have different goals, but that doesn’t mean you won’t help them reach theirs whilst pursuing yours.

7. You are inspired, amazed and enthralled by them. If you could watch a movie of their life and never get bored…if the way they sleep or talk or walk or sneeze is fascinating…if they are someone you consider to be an inspiration to you…if you can’t imagine a life without them…don’t let ‘em go. That’s hard to find. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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