38 Things That Happen When Your Brain Is On Pinterest


1. I’m just going to go on Pinterest for a second to look up a recipe for dinner tonight.

2. Whoa, I have 12 notifications?

3. All these people re-pinned me?

4. I must have really good taste.

5. Oh, I got three new followers on my “Clothes I Need in My Possession NOW” board.


7. I should just design my own clothing since everyone likes my fashion sense so much.

8. Okay, home feed.

9. Scrolling, scrolling…

10. Oh my gosh a weiner dog in a cup! It’s so tiny! I need to get a weiner dog.

11. Re-pin.

12. Oooh, brownies stuffed with Oreos and chocolate-chip cookies AND marshmallows?

13. Re-pin.

14. Oh my gosh–you can make spaghetti with squash? How? Does that mean it’s healthy?

15. Re-pin.

16. Dang, if I make all this food I’m going to be eating all the time.

17. Oh, a 30-day ab workout. I could do that. I should probably do that.

18. Click.

19. “Day one: 30 sit-ups; 1 minute plank.”

20. Exit.

21. Maybe I’ll just eat a salad after the brownies and my abs will still be there.

22. Awww, cute pumpkin decorations! I must re-pin to my “DIY” board.

23. Re-pin.

24. I’m never going to make anything on this board.

25. Delete board.

26. Haha, that e-card is so funny. I should just look at the humor category because then I will laugh at how relevant everything is.

27. I can’t believe I just spent 47 minutes looking at funny gifs.

28. Home feed.

29. Has anyone posted anything new yet?

30. Oh, I got re-pinned again!

31. I must have such good taste in everything. I should just start my own website.

32. Where’d that brownie pin go? I want to make those.

33. Click.

34. Nah, too many ingredients.

35. I’ll just keep pinning food I’ll never make, outfits I’ll never buy, crafts I’ll never make, and workouts I’ll never do.

36. Oh my gosh it was 11 a.m. when I got on here– how is it already dark outside?

37. Maybe I’ll look for pins on how to be more productive.

38. Click. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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