Why Pain Is Beautiful

One of the most beautiful things to see is when someone realizes how much of an understatement pain is unless experienced. 

Some may never understand the degree of its awfulness and some may even compare how much agony they’ve undergone without realizing how absurd it is to even say such a thing; because pain is simply immeasurable. It is absolutely heart wrenching, burning, and un-pacifying.

I can honestly say that it is one of the things that is common to all of us, one thing we all share; pain. It is what connects us and at the same time disconnects us. It is an avenue of destruction and at the same time an opportunity of a new beginning. It’s one of the things that when our eyes lay upon, understanding arises. We set aside our differences because one can say, at least to some degree, that they know exactly what is happening; one is in pain. And when that happens, the person who has successfully overcame that phase, will see what actually lies beyond it; an end.

An end. Exactly the reason why seeing someone in pain is an understatement unless experienced is one of the most beautiful things in the world, because in the process of your redemption, you will not just see the fragments of yourself but you will see how much you’ve grown out of that misery, how much more you truly do deserve and just exactly how much of happiness that awaits you if you allow to not just succumb to the pain but to let it all go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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