Another Stupid List About Being In Your 20s

1. The hardest thing about being in your 20s, is that who cares?

2. Being in your 20s means having to take responsibility by being 20 years old and making sure you buy 20 candles for your birthday cake.

3. Being in your 20s is for rich people. This is the time to travel abroad if you’re a rich person.

4. Poor people who are in their 20s are actually in their 30s.

5. If you’re reading this, you are probably a white person in your 20s.

6. Time to pay off those student loans!


8. Still old enough to vote.

9. You’ve grown up a lot since you were born. Just look at those sensory motor skills.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio was 23 in Titanic.

11. If you aren’t 20, just get plastic surgery and no one will ever know.

12. In the Neolithic Period, the average life expectancy was 20 years.

13. I don’t know. Get a dog?

14. Be true to yourself and don’t become someone you’re not or whatever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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