I’m Slowly Learning That It’s Okay To Be Needy

I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to be needy.

I’m slowly learning that it is alright to need someone. That it’s okay to bring my walls down and let the right people into my life. I am slowly realizing that needing another person wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I can finally admit that being all by myself can be exhausting at times.

I’m slowly learning to put my guard down and let others take care of me. I’m slowly finding out how to rely on others and ask them for their help if necessary. I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to be needy, that being needy is not being a burden to the right person. I am acknowledging that I can be weak at times and that I should allow my friends and family catch me. I now recognize that I don’t always have to be the strongest person in the room and that I can rely on others.

I know that you expect me to stand up and hold my head up high every time I fall—I do too. But I am now learning to accept what happened and to let others support me in getting back up again. I recognize that I’m guarded and I’m probably not easy to figure out. But I now know that with the right person I can be vulnerable and let them take care of me in a way I need to be.

I used to believe that being needy was a sign of weakness, but now that I’ve been strong enough to face my own demons, I have learned that I needed someone next to me in order to conquer what needed to be defeated. I needed my friends to remind me how far I’d come and how strong I’d become. I required my family to understand that sometimes I need them to support the things that matter to me, like my education and my future. I am learning to need the people around me.

Little by little, I am learning how to pick up the phone whenever I can no longer carry the burden that I have been carrying all these years. I am learning how to approach people and not stand at one corner waiting for them to approach me. I am now learning how to tell my friends what’s actually going on in my mind, leaning on them and trusting that they will keep my feet on the ground.

I learned how to be strong. I learned how to be there for the people who I adore and care for the most. I learned how to heal and manage my pain. I learned how to be one who everyone can rely on. But now I am slowly learning that I too need someone to catch me when I fall. That being needy is not always a burden as long that the right person understands your needs. I am now learning that it’s okay to need the people around you, even though they always saw you as the strong one.

I am finally learning that being needy is not being weak. That is it necessary to live in this world with people beside you. Therefore, I am finally letting myself be needy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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