The Boxes I Finally Burned

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Somewhere in my closet, a box of memories lies. I hid it safely as if I don’t want it found in those boxes movie tickets, photographs, and rose petals and other memorabilia. They remind me of the years that you and I shared, and I kept it hidden there since that day we parted ways.

Dust started to grow every day that passed by. As if it became artifacts of history that I might get to share one day or kept hidden in the shadows. It is a shred of evidence that you have been a part of my life. Until that day I decided to burn it all down. I watched every photograph, letters, rose petals, movie tickets and small notes burn down into ashes. I watched it all disappear.

I wanted to say goodbye to the ghost of you, and that includes everything that reminds me of you. I have tried to say goodbye about a million times, but my heart can never seem to do such a good job on letting you live in my past so when I decided that it is time I burned it all down I erased every artifact everything that serves as a reminder of a history that seems so unforgettable. I burned it all down because I meant it when I said it was goodbye.

As all those things turned into dust, I felt nothing but relieved for I can finally say this is the end.

I can finally say that I no longer seek closure from you. I no longer ask myself a million questions that begin with why’s.

I can finally claim that there is no more bitterness in my heart. I can finally say that my heart is no longer cold for I have healed the scars that you’ve done and for I have found the love that you were incapable of giving.

I have found warmth in the arms of someone better.

As I watched all the things that bear memories of you turned into ashes, I can finally say goodbye. For the pain that you’ve caused has come to an end and all the wounds have healed and became scars.

The pain taught me to be stronger, and the scars are the proof that I have won the battles that I fought on the nights you left me in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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