Save Yourself And Say Goodbye

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In the darkness of the nights where he left you in to cry, it is only you who can conquer the battle between your heart and mind. So save yourself and say your goodbye.

Save yourself from the destruction of all the pain he caused you. Save yourself from the people who are only there to hurt you, save yourself from a relationship that only exists to degrade you.

Save yourself love; you are worth so much more.

The temporary happiness he makes you feel is never enough to justify what he does for the bad days he is having. All the pain he caused you up to this day is not worthy for you to stay.

At the end of the day when he left you alone and broken, it is only you who can save you from the tragedy that is about to happen.

It is only you who can provide clarity to the unanswered questions he won’t answer. It is only you who can provide solitude in the chaos he left you in; it is only you and only you who can provide salvation because he won’t be there to save you; make this a reminder for yourself.

Say goodbye to the pain he caused; say goodbye to the memories that you shared with him. Say goodbye to him so that you can finally make peace with your heart that you did everything to make him stay.

Walk away from the ones who only exist to cause you pain. Say goodbye, leave it all behind. Save yourself, for it is only you who can.

Save yourself so that one day, when the wounds have healed and when you can finally sleep at night, you can finally say that it was for the best. Learn the lesson; live your life. Remember not all will reciprocate the same love, but when the time is right, the right one will come; save yourself for now because the rest is yet to come. TC mark

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