He Still Loves Her

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It is a story about a guy who opened his deepest experience to a bunch of strangers. It’s a tragic love story that I will never forget, here it goes.


It’s a 2 in the morning, and that tequila bottle standing in the middle of the table is almost empty. We were all gathered at the table talking and sharing secrets to everyone as if we were opening our doors and letting these strangers into our deepest thoughts that can keep us drinking or up all night but as of this moment, it was both. We played a couple of round of truth or dare and never have I ever to get to know everyone, and when we got tired of playing, we started sharing stories, and this is his.

He still remembers her as if he was with her the night before; her memory lingers in the back of his head like a beautiful nightmare. I can tell that there were days that he could never speak her name without breaking down, but now her name is a melody that he can play over and over again it’s a beautiful melody that he loves listening to from time to time.

He remembers that night they first met as if it only happened a couple of months ago; I could tell that whenever he tells these memories of her, he is trying to relive every second of it before the words come out of his tongue. He told us how beautiful the night was and how the moonlight made her more beautiful as their soul collided, and how she rests quietly on his side afterward. She was his first, and I could tell that he relives that night as much as he could.

He remembers that first time he pressed his lips against her, I could tell that he would do everything to get one more chance to do that again. She was the best friend of his brother that’s how their path crossed, but she always ran towards him first. She was the reason why he started smoking, as he told us. He would come out during the night they would sit on the hood of her car inhaling every inch of the cigarettes they would light up. I could tell that there would be nights that he can’t sleep and whenever he lights up a cigarette, it is her that he would think about, it’s funny how something poisonous can be a reminder of something so beautiful.

He still loves her even though he lost contact with her a long time ago they parted a couple of years ago. She chose to be with someone else and she got married and now has kids. I am happy for her, he said, but I wonder how genuine he was when those words spurred out of his tongue for the very first time. I wonder how he felt when his brother got that letter of invitation for her wedding.

One night she and her husband got into a fight she runs to him seeking for something that only he can provide and then once again he got a chance to pressed his lips against her, he once again touched her hands, he once again runs his fingers through her soft ivory skin and once again their soul collide. They both know that it was wrong, but at that moment everything felt so right they escaped reality together, and it was something that he can never forget. He wants to stay there even for just a little bit longer inhaling every inch of her before reality takes it all away. After that night she was gone.

She came back to his husband because it was the right thing to do, and there he was left with memories he can never forget memories that no amount of cigarettes and alcohol can erase. He lost contact with her, even though he wants to check up on her make sure she’s doing fine he can’t because she’s gone. I wish her well; I wish her all the good things that this life can give her and her family; I’d like to think that she’s happy and he is making her happy, he said.


He loves her even though he lost her a long time ago. I can tell that the memories she left him in will never vanish it will and still keep him up at night. I can tell that there will always be a place for her in his heart and mind that she can always occupy whenever she wishes.

I can tell that she was his greatest love and yet she is still his greatest sorrow.

There will always be a person that whatever you do you can never forget and for him she was it. TC mark


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