You Are Allowed To Take A Break From Being The Strong One

Hey, yes you. The one whose scrolling down on their phones in the middle of the night trying to ease your mind from the chaotic thoughts that you are about to encounter if you don’t keep your eyes and mind occupied from what’s genuinely keeping you up during this hour this one is for you.

Your mind is like an athlete running more than a million mile every day, thinking one of the most important thoughts to the most random thoughts in just a few minutes. Every waking day feels like a ongoing war between you and your demons. You never invited them into your mind; they simply walk around in it like it was their house to live in, destroying every precious thing that’s keeping you walk this very earth with positivity. I know that you’ve been a warrior every single day trying not to show that you are struggling to fight and conquer all of these obstacles that would come this way, that must have been exhausting for you. I bet you’re tired of being the strong one around, not just physically but also mentally.

Let me be the one to tell you this. It’s okay to put your armor down and that mighty sword of yours down so that you can catch your breath from fighting all of these endless wars. I want you to know that I can see through your strong disguise. I can see that it’s been too long since the last time you paused the busy life that you are living to enjoy the color of the sky or to breathe in the cold air that this fall season brought in.

It’s okay to turn down invitations from your friends to go out this coming Friday night just to get wasted in some bar to have a fun night that you won’t probably remember the next day. It’s okay to tell your lover that you want to sleep alone tonight so that you can enjoy the size of your bed. It’s okay to turn down invitations from your girls to have a slumber party so that you can do your slumber party and enjoy it. Choosing yourself is okay. It’s okay to take a minute so that you can breathe so that you can regain the same strength that you’ve lost during the day. I want you to know that you can always choose yourself. I want you always to choose yourself first.

You are allowed to take a break from your life and the people around you. You are allowed to reschedule or cancel the invitation from your friends so that you can rest. You are allowed to be emotionally unstable with your lover. You are allowed to have a breakdown. You are allowed to take a break from being the strong one.

I want you to give yourself a break when you fall short. I want you to give yourself a break from being stronger than everyone else. I want you to be able to feel your emotions and not always guard yourself against it. I wish that you acknowledge this message I made just for you. You’ve been strong for so long, and I wish that you give yourself a break from it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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