We Need To Listen To Our Mind And Body. We Need To Learn To Embrace.


I think sometimes we are afraid to fall apart because we’re scared that if we do, we can’t and don’t know how to put ourselves back together. And I think that it is okay; it is okay to be scared because it’s in these moments of pain, sadness and dejection that we are able to stumble upon clarity and even, a new perspective. We have always been taught to embrace the wonderful, joyous moments and to welcome life’s opportunities with open arms—but, what about the times that aren’t so wonderful? What about the times like these, when we feel so utterly lost and hurt and we can’t even muster enough words to explain just how much and how terribly it hurts? Are we allowed to embrace moments like these as well? Is there even such a thing as embracing hurt and pain and sadness? And if there is, why should we?

I think yes. Yes there is such a thing and yes, we should, because it is okay to, it is better to. Life offers so many different gifts to us, both good and bad, but the reason they are gifts is because from them, we learn, we gain, we grow. It is both moments of joy, happiness, and hurt, pain, that build us to be the person we are today. To have emotion, to feel something—anything, is itself something so beautiful, so delicate. So many people around us live life by going through the motions, one day after the other, never taking time to feel life. Why should we only embrace the happy moments, when the simple act of being able to feel is amazing on its own? We need to embrace every moment because it is a sign that we are human and that we are living life sincerely and wholeheartedly. We are allowed to wallow in misery. In fact, we should proactively take part in feeling the pain; not just to feel the pain but to respond to it, to listen to it, and to give voice to what it’s asking for. We need to learn how to embrace and live in the moment, even when that moment is pure unadulterated sadness. Because ultimately, with time, the tears will eventually subside and by giving pain its moment, its moment will also pass.

We need to listen to our mind and our body and give attention to its needs…not force it to immediately heal and be okay when it clearly isn’t. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It is a sign of courage and strength because in being able to face pain, we find a way to live through it and to become stronger. Slowly, but surely, time will heal and we will learn how to channel these feelings of hurt into passion, motivation and our drive to become stronger and better. We learn, we gain, and we grow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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