10 Things You Experience As The Owner Of A Vintage Volkswagen Beetle

These days we’re filled with so much change we never expected 10 years ago – new phones, new technologies, new cars. Even Volkswagen recently launched its new line up of models – including a new Beetle. Everything around us is evolving and as nice it is to have that new car smell, nothing beats the classics. So here are 10 things you’ve probably experienced if you own one of these classic Beetles, because let’s face it, in a world that’s constantly changing, it’s nice to slow down once in a while in one of these babies.
image - Flickr / pelican
image – Flickr / pelican

1. You’ve been asked (at least once) what year your VW Beetle is.

2. You know how the Germans pronounce the word “Volkswagen” – folks-vaygen

3. You have to show people where your gas tank (it’s probably found in your trunk)

4. Some parts of your car are only for show (radio, seatbelt, right side mirror)

5. People open your engine thinking it’s your trunk – and open your trunk thinking it’s where your engine is.

6. Your car has eyelids.

7. When you see other Beetles on the road, you honk your horns at each other as a kind of “Beetle hello.”

8. People assume you got a VW Beetle because you like the movie Herbie.

9. And then they ask you why you didn’t paint your car like Herbie.

10. You have a name for your car (but maybe not Herbie). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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