8 Ways To Get More Likes On Social Media

Okay, let me first disclose that I am not some social media expert, in fact if I get over 20 likes on a Facebook portrait I feel the need to check that I’m not exposing myself in any way. But what I am an expert in is Facebook stalking, and I have some gems in my Facebook feed who average around 300 likes for a picture. Today I will share with you the fruits of my labor (read: hours spent procrastinating online), because as we all know, your true value of self is determined by your “likes”, double taps or retweets on social media.

1. Location is key.

When forcing a patient friend, parent or spouse to take an endless amount of photo’s of you, it’s important to get your location right. If you have a pool, perfect! The more popular photo’s are taken by a pool, preferably in full formal wear, to give a quality of “oh yes, I’m just standing by my pool looking effortless”. Another great choice for location is in front of wall adorned with flowers, or simply on a neatly kept lawn.

Warning: Avoid inside with harsh synthetic lighting and cluttered backgrounds


2. Fake it ‘til you make it.

Chances are you’re probably not a model, but your legions of followers don’t need to know that. A silk dressing gown and a face full of makeup is an easy way to say that you’re getting ready for a photo shoot that’s too exclusive to post. Or on the other hand, say you want to portray a more creative vibe, this can easily be done by borrowing a friend’s professional looking camera, or short of that, you looking dreamily out over something.

Warning: Stay within yourself, if you’ve never surfed before then your social media profile is not the time to pretend you’re some surfer chick, remember that your friends do know you


3. Full body shot!

While you may not have an Elle McPherson physique, you may have a killer fashion sense, so use your pictures to show it. Plus, you’ll not only garner “likes” for your face, but for your outfit too.

Warning: Down the top shots are never flattering, they could make a Victoria’s Secret model look like midget


4. Beaches are your friends.

Not only does a beach shot imply that you’re on holiday (even if you live near a beach), but it’s the perfect excuse for a bikini shot (confidence permitting). I mean, who doesn’t want a ton of guys staring at and saving your bikini picture if it means some more “likes”?

Warning: Please be tasteful if going for the bikini shot, and remember your parents are on social media too


5. Cuddle up…

Now, this is one I can get behind. Any sort of pet, preferably of the cute and cuddly variety, accompanies a popular picture. Why not get in on your new puppy’s cuteness by posing with it? But remember the more exotic the better, I once saw someone who posed with a baby tiger, and trust me, I liked it for the tiger.

Warning: Snakes and spiders do not a cute pet make


6. BFF’s!

Posing with a friend achieves two things, firstly it shows that you’re not completely friendless and that someone is willing to put up with you, and secondly, if tagged your friend’s friends will be able to “like” the photo too, basically doubling your fan base. Just make sure you include a caption about how much you love said friend and you’re good to go.

Warning: Tag friends who aren’t in the photo just to get the “likes” and you will regret it when you reach puberty

7. Baby, baby, baby, oooh…

For some reason the entire human race thinks babies are cute, so if you can grab one for a photo, do it. Obviously kidnapping is a no-go, but if you have a friend with a baby then full steam ahead. Just try and make sure the baby isn’t crying in the photo…

Warning: Don’t forget to make sure those old acquaintances from school don’t think it’s yours; a simple shout out to the mother will set them straight


8. Kim K, show us the way!

While she may not be good at much, she is very adept in social media. Currently holding the title of “Most Liked Instagram Picture” she is most definitely a force to be reckoned with, the picture in question is a wedding shot of her and her beau, Kanye, kissing. What those of us who don’t have wedding photo’s can take from this is that while PDA’s are frowned upon in most social situations, on social media they are almost celebrated. They portray you as desirable and happy, and if it’s with a celebrity, well, kudos to you.

Warning: There’s still such thing as too much PDA, if tongue is visible, it’s too much, also maybe Kim Kardashian shouldn’t set the rules on what acceptable levels of public affection are, you know, with the sex tape and all

Unfortunately for people like me, you will have a much easier time with this if you happen to moonlight as a model, however, if you don’t and you’re just looking for some extra’s “likes”, well, I’d recommend investing in a puppy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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