I Am The Designated Ugly Fat Friend (AKA ‘DUFF’)

Having been exposed to this certain word I have had realizations about myself and my set of friends (whom I love so much). According to urbandictionary.com, DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. It is the person who never gets noticed when s/he is among her/his friends. That person is the one who is known to be the approachable one since the other people in the group are more attractive than them (or something). They are like wallflowers, precious ones.

I realized that I am the DUFF of our group. I am that girl who never gets noticed. I am the girl who is barely seen by the cute guys because I am nothing. Also, I am the girl who has crooked teeth, no sense of style, too thin to be attractive, has a huge forehead, and all the flaws that I am too insecure to admit. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interesting. I am interesting in my own way that people, mostly boys, often disregard because I don’t qualify for the standards they’ve set. I can do things like play the ukulele and I actually think I am good in writing. There are a lot to admire in me but I don’t seem to be noticed.

Being a DUFF may be a bad thing for others, which may lead to major issues if they won’t handle the issue well, but for me, it is somehow the best thing to have happened. I am self-proclaiming myself as a DUFF because I have accepted my faith. I love being the DUFF because I hate being noticed. I hate when people comment on my looks and when they try to start small talks that would lead to a conversation about one of my friends.

I hate being the center of attention; it sends shivers down my spine. I only want to be the center of one guy’s attention! Being the DUFF is nothing to feel bad about. It only means you have your own personality that someone out there will possibly notice if not now, maybe one day. You don’t have to act like your friends and be like them because they are the mainstream, they are what the society craves but you are you. You are who you make yourself into. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Do what you do best and let those suckers label you all they want. They don’t matter because being a DUFF is the coolest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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