7 Life Struggles People With Thick Hair Understand


1. There’s a large pile of hair every time you just get a trim. Your hairdresser never fails to be shocked at this, even though she’s been thinning your hair out two times a year for as long as you can remember.

2. When you complain about your hair care, people say “just air dry your hair”. Is that some kind of sick joke? You know if you don’t blow dry your hair immediately after the shower you will lose all social credibility. Let’s just not go there. It’s dark and friendless place.

3. It is impossible to get ready in under an hour. You’re not a diva, but your hair sure as hell is. You could rush your shower and half-ass your makeup, but that hair will still take at least 45 minutes to complete if you want to look somewhat civilized.

4. You have a love/hate relationship with hair ties. If you’re lucky enough to finally find a tie that goes around the right amount of times in a ponytail (how often I get stuck in between the “needs to go one more time but won’t reach” stage is excruciatingly painful), you hold onto that hair tie like there’s no tomorrow. If someone asks to borrow it, it’s hard to not yell “THIS ONE IS MINE”. And when it breaks one day…RIP you’re back to square one.

5. Hat days happen more often than you’d like. When the water pressure in the shower is low that day. When you buy the wrong shampoo. When you didn’t wash every drop of the conditioner out of your hair. When you didn’t blow dry your hair perfectly. When there’s humidity. The list could go on and on. But in any of these scenarios, even though you washed your hair and it’s clean, it looks ridiculously greasy. How does that happen!!??

6. When you forget your flat iron on a trip, all hell actually breaks loose. If your significant other or family was not aware of your hair issues before, it is very apparent now by your reluctance to be in any photograph.

7. When people with thin hair say “I wish I had thick hair”… I can’t even go there. No words. TC Mark

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