This Is Why I Will Wait For You To Love Me

Ermin Celik
Ermin Celikovic

You totally have bad days where you feel lost and undecided. And that’s totally okay. You’re allowed to have those days because I feel lost sometimes, too. On these days, please know that I am here to wait until you get all right. I am your partner through the good and the bad. That’s what I’m here for.

When you’re ready, I hope you would talk to me and tell me what’s going on and where we stand. So believe me when I say I will wait for the reason that I can.

I will wait for you because I believe in you. I suppose I know you well enough for the years we’ve been friends. I believe when you told me that this break is just temporary. I believe when you told me that this is your own battle to fight. But believe me too, when I said that I will wait for you because I love you enough to give you my whole trust and respect your space.

Everyone tells me to just leave and brush it off. I know there’s a deeper reason. I just want to know it when you’re ready. I hope one of these days I would wake up to your call, telling me that you’re finally okay and you’re sorry for causing me pain. I wish you well, babe.

I have waited for 6 years for us to know that we have something special. For sure, I can wait a little more longer.

Perhaps, my love for you is so strong that nobody can shatter it. Not even your vague explanation could make me hate you. Even if you told me that this is yours to fight, I hope you know, that I’m with you on this. I will wait even if it takes time, even if it breaks me, even if it hurts.

I will wait for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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