I Am Certain With You

Redd Angelo
Redd Angelo

Lucky are those whose first is their last love for they never experienced the pain of being rejected. The countless nights you’ve cried yourself to sleep, or maybe the mornings when you think of what you did wrong, and what made him unsure.

I have had experienced them all. And you know what? I’m thankful I did. Because if not, I wouldn’t be able to say that after being in a toxic relationship for the past years, I am now certain with you.

I was certain because you made me believe in love once again. A love so sure, so safe, a love so true. I was certain that you were the arms to hold me in times of mess and confusion, the voice that dares me to be tough when I feel like giving up, the shoulder to cry on in times of despair, and the eyes that see the good in everything.

It feels like your favorite song. Being certain of the lyrics and singing it with just the right beat and tempo. Not having to worry about the timing because you know it too well. Sometimes it feels like its a place you grew up in. No matter how many times you get lost in the city, you’ll eventually find your way back.

Because with you, I feel safe.

You keep me grounded whenever you utter the words “I love you.”

You’ve felt like home to me since I became your partner and not everyone get this feeling of certainty.

These are the moments I will thank you because for once, I wake up, and I am certain with this relationship. I am certain with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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