You Are Never Alone Because You Always Have Someone

man sitting on bed
Concha Rodrigo / Unsplash

In this world full of uncertainty, always remember that you will never be alone. Honestly, you are never alone. You may feel that sorrow in your chest, feeling that you don’t have anyone. But if you choose to take a good look on what surrounds you, someone will come along to say “I am always here for you.”

You don’t have to face your battles all by yourself. You don’t need to take your pain exclusively. You might feel that your suffering drowns you. You might see that no one’s there to help you out.

But you shouldn’t.

Even at the most random moment, someone will come to save you. Someone will pick you up when you’re feeling down. Someone is willing to walk with you through the rough roads. Someone will climb the highest peaks with you. Someone will always hold your hand, even in the middle of nowhere. Someone will don’t mind the long rides and epic road trips. Someone will be with you, every step of the way.

You may be a lost soul right now. You might be wandering at random places. You might be wondering where the waves will take you. You might be feeling empty, without anyone to share your thoughts with. The truth is, someone in your life is always ready to listen. Someone’s shoulder is always available for you to lean on. You might be blinded by your darkest days but someone is willing to bring back your light. Someone who will keep you shining. Someone who will unleash the brightest star that you are.

Sometimes, the most unexpected people turns out to be the ones who will stay. You might have lost a myriad of significants along your journey. You might have your heart broken for a million reasons. But there are people who will choose you. Not because you forced them or you begged for their presence. Sincerely, they just want to remain in your life. You definitely have your constants. You truly have your go-to people. You will never have to ask for anyone’s affection. You always have people who will never give up on you. You always have people who find reasons to stay.

Pour your heart out. Let your voice be heard. Let your views be seen. Bring out all the emotions inside you. You always have someone who understands you. Someone who will never judge you. Someone who will appreciate your flaws. Someone who will accept your past mistakes. Someone who knows that you’re still a work-in-progress. Someone who will take your dramas seriously. Whether you have you breakdowns or breakthroughs, you have people who will be by your side.

You are never alone because you always have someone – your parents, your sibling, your friends, your classmate, your colleague, your roommate, your neighbor or your dog. You have to remind yourself that this crooked world is not only yours to conquer. You are never alone in this universe. You are never alone in this lifetime. Someone will be there for you, always. TC mark

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