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To The Girl I Was Six Months Ago

I know that months ago, you never thought that you’ll be totally okay. You never thought that the pain will go away. You never thought that darkness won’t be at your side anymore. The past six months were tough but you knew that you are tougher. For that, I am proud of you. Always.

Last February, you were this girl with the sad eyes. You were drowning yourself with drinks. You were crying yourself to sleep. You kept on figuring out what had gone wrong. You kept on asking yourself, “What am I lacking?” But darling, you are more than enough. I hope that you know this by now. There’s nothing wrong with you. This is not a matter of what you don’t have. This is him not seeing the universe within you. This is him not realizing your worth. And that’s fine. He actually gave you a blessing in disguise – the chance to feel the love that you truly deserve.

The “moving on” days were not easy but you have the bravest heart. It’s not easy to let go of the almost-10-years worth of memories. It’s not easy to tell how you broke up to those people who seem the closest to both of you. It’s not easy to bear the judgment that acquaintances throw. It’s not easy to pretend that you’re happy for him. It’s not easy to hide your tears when a thought of him occurs. Yet here you are, smiling without any angst. Now, when you remember something about your previous relationship, the nostalgia is replaced with contentment. You don’t hold any grudges. You just keep on looking forward to the better days that are coming.

I just want to thank you for choosing happiness. I know that you’ve gone through your lowest but you kept on wearing your armor. Your best weapon is your faith. Thank you for being the light, even at your darkest moments. Thank you for keeping your positive cells and reproducing them for others to feel. Thank you for embracing your views and sharing them all the way. Thank you for taking the risks and loving the change. Thank you for being a tireless listener who spreads her wisdom. I am more than grateful to see you glow. Keep on being the brightest star because you shine for others as well. By that, you unleash the sparkle within them.

I am also thankful for your family, friends, and everyone who stayed with you. You will truly find your constants during your drawbacks. I want to thank them for letting you pour your heart out. I want to thank them for giving you the chance to be weak so that you can channel your strength. I want to thank them for seeing the good in you, at all times. You stood up because of them. You kept on rising because they make every second worth-living. They made you realize that even if the sun sets, more wondrous things are waiting to unfold.

In this new chapter of your book, you are opening the pages for new characters. Keeping the worthy ones, you still make your storylines as memorable as possible. You are now authoring a bigger world. You are traveling your way to new places. You are still capturing the beauty in everyone, everywhere. Don’t lose your passion for optimism. Don’t lose your encouragement for everyone to become the best versions of themselves.

You were fighting your own battles every day. You were chasing your own demons. I’m glad that you never gave up. I am more than proud that you kept going. There are more wars ahead of you. I believe that whatever happens, you will become stronger. You have your dreams and goals. You have your timeline. Just keep on trusting the process. Your destinations are waiting for you. There’s no need to rush. Enjoy the rough roads. Enjoy the long ride. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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