This Is Me Completely Letting You Go

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We’ve been together for years. We’ve shared a lot of good memories. We’ve experienced a lot of pain. Now, I can say that we’ve reached our turning point. Our war has finally ceased. Our story has come to its end. You may not be my “happily ever after” but you are more than that. You are the love I’ll always keep. You are the person who will always have a special place in my heart.

We are finally free. Free from all the heartaches and hardships. Free from all the pressure that this world bestows upon us. You can now take the adventure you’ve been longing to feel. I will never hate you for wanting to find someone new. I won’t take away that chance for you to be truly happy. And so do I. Throughout our relationship, we became too dependent on each other. We made our worlds enclosed in our little universe. We forgot about individuality. Hence, this is the start of us taking a step further for ourselves. This is our chance to explore more, to be more.

Together, we kept on fighting for what we have. We always have one goal: to keep “us” until the end. We are so used to our random fights and almost breakups. We always look back on the years that we’ve spent together. Yes, we’ve surpassed tons of trials and struggles. But then, are we still solid? Are we still happy? Relationships have different phases. When everything’s falling apart, it’s better to know if the bond is still worth-fighting for. When everything’s getting toxic, it’s better to go on our separate ways.

We undeniably have that special connection. But darling, it is not always about that. It is not always about the spark.

Love isn’t supposed to be always magical. It should be real.

It should be mature enough to handle every situation in the relationship. It should know where to stand during tough times. The connection that we have will always be there. We can’t find it in anyone, anywhere. I am beyond thankful to experience that kind of love. You may be my “greatest love” but not my “lasting love.”

Commitment is the key. Maybe, I am not the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You can finally spend your time finding your forever person. While we’re together, you are too busy searching for what’s missing. You tend to forget about me, about how I kept on loving you all the way. You tend to look for someone better while I still love you beyond your mistakes. Remember that you have your flaws too. If you can’t stick to the person you’ve found, then you’re still a boy. Be man enough to stay committed with someone, whatever the odds may be. Love isn’t always exciting and thrilling. You always have the choice to keep or throw everything that you have.

We always had the chance to make things right. But as the cycle continues, you always chose to let things slip away. You always had the chance to prove that you’re worthy enough, that you can change. But you really can’t. Maybe, you didn’t really love me. I am just comforting enough to feed your ego. I am just the one who stood by you through the lowest and highest peaks of your life. Honestly, you don’t ruin the person who owns your heart. You just love them, unconditionally. You were my catastrophe, you destroyed me. As I kept on loving you whole, I am slowly forgetting to love myself. I was so used to your unfair treatment that I totally forgot what I truly deserve.

Since then, I have all the reasons to leave you but I still chose you. This time, I am completely letting you go. It took me years to wake up from this dream. The nightmares are finally over. I am letting myself go from all the pain that you’ve caused. This time, I am choosing myself.

Thank you for everything. I believe that this is what’s best for us. My love for you will always remain. I will let the happy memories stay in my heart. This is the finish line. This is the “good” in goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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