You Will Always Be What’s Best For Me

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You are not perfect and neither am I. We’ve been through the toughest parts of our relationship. We’ve been through a lot of heartbreaks. And yet, look at us – still holding each other’s hands. It was never easy but you were always there. It was not always rainbows and butterflies but we still have each other.

You will always be my favorite. Your smile brightens up my day. Your words of wisdom make me contemplate my life deeper. Your thoughts are like the ocean’s secrets – when discovered, everything will make a huge difference. It will always be a pleasure to have you. You will always be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

You will always be my sanity. You always bring certainty among my clouds of doubts. Even in the blurry moments, it is you who makes everything clear. You always calm the storms inside me. Even if my heart still trembles with pain, it is you who keeps me at ease. You are the one who quiets the thunder within my head. You are the answer to every question left. Your love keeps me steady.

You will always be my best friend. You celebrated with my highs and grieved with my lows. Even in my darkest places, you still appreciated who I am. With every story, good or bad, you are the first person I want to share them with. You always listen to my endless rants and nonsense chats. You are not even afraid to tell your fears and insecurities. We always have each other’s backs. You raise me up, even in the most impossible ways.

You will always be my partner. There will be more of those food trips, long rides, date nights, and movie marathons. It will always be your company that makes me the happiest. You are always there to help me on achieving my goals. You are always a main supporter of every dream that I’m chasing. You are a façade to every tower that I build. You are always ready to climb up within the walls that I’ve created. You never left me. You never gave up on me.

You will always be my home. I will always appreciate how you cook and wash the dishes for me. I will always love the smell of your hair left on my pillows. I will always adore capturing candid photos of you. All those hugs-from-the-back, forehead kisses and sweet nothings will always be my comfort zone. You are the ceasefire within my wars. You are the strongest weapon within my battles. Yes, you are my safe haven.

You will always be my forever. As we keep on believing that this exists, our love will make this happen. Up to this day, you gave me what forever feels like. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you. The connection that we have will always be magical. The bond that we have will always be a part of us. All of these are the reasons why I always choose you.

Even if I look like a martyr or a saint for loving you, I will keep on staying. I will never trade this kind of affection to anyone or anything. Whatever life throws upon us, I will keep on loving you. Whatever the odds may be, you will always be the best for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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