This Is How You Know She Is The Right One For You

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Nathan McBride

She was there, standing in the middle of the crowd. Your eyes were glued to her. Just like in the movies, everything was in slow motion. She was the only one who stood out. She was the only girl who caught your attention. She was the only person that truly shined in your eyes. In that particular moment, you already knew that she is the one.

Luckily, you were right.

She is an enigma. She is a mysterious island with a buried treasured chest. She will let you see the beauty in everything. There is always a magical thing between you and her. There is always a spark that only the two of you have. She will bring the sunlight, even in the darkest places. She will be the star of each constellation. With that, she deserves the universe.

She is a masterpiece. Her gorgeousness will stun you in ways that you can’t imagine. Her confidence built a foundation within her. She will let you appreciate yourself even more. She will look at you like she’s seeing the future in your eyes. She will take care of you like she’s handling her favorite work of art. You will learn to paint the colors in her canvas. You will adore every detail of her existence.

She is an anchor. She will help you sail through the oceans of your whole being. She will never take away the “you” in you. She will swim into your waters and you will find yourself dipping in hers too. You will appreciate how deep her mind is. She will give you strength in all aspects of your life. She will be a huge participant in your well-being. You will be something more because of her. You will go places as long as she’s beside you.

She is an adventure. You will never get tired of anything about her. You will always get the chills and thrills. You will always feel the butterflies in your stomach. You will look at her with overflowing enthusiasm. She will be the excitement, even in the dullest moments. She will never run out of surprises. Even the most unexpected way, she will keep that smile on your face.

She is a hero. She will save you from your own demons. She will conquer every monster that bothers you. She will also help you to unleash your power. You will never be on the dark side because she will keep you on track. You will be righteous as long as she’s there to guide you. In every battle, she will be your partner. In all your wars, she will be your sidekick. You will never be alone. You will always have her.

She is a comfort zone. She will be the best part of your every day. She will be your favorite character. She will see all the good memories you imprinted on her. She will forgive your drawbacks. And yet, she will let you learn your lessons. You will be a better human being because of her. You will look at her like a star, brightly shining at her own space.

You have plenty of reasons to take her worth on the highest peak. It is always the right decision to choose her, to keep her and to love her. She is worth fighting for. She deserves all the passion she’s unceasingly giving to everyone. She deserves the ultimate happiness. She is grand and you are more than blessed to have her. Fighting for her is keeping her forever. At all odds, she will always be the right one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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