This is How You Should Trust Someone Again

You Need To Trust Again
Courtney Clayton

You look at him and all you can see is the pain he caused you. You see him as someone who will hurt you, again and again. You are stuck between totally letting him go and giving him another chance.

Your trust is at risk. Yes, you can forgive him. And yet, it will never be easy to forget.

On the other hand, you still see him as your favorite human being. Your love for him will never fade. He still owns that special place in your heart. He is your always. Your happiness is still different when you’re with him. You always have that irreplaceable bond.

The most important question is: Are you willing to take the risk?

Giving chances is like handling the license to hurt you once more. You will always remember how much pain you’ve experienced because of him. It will be tough. Your trust issues will always be there. You will ask questions, one way or another. There are some days that you’ll look at him and his flaws will haunt you. He will swim at your ocean full of doubts, hesitations and insecurities. He should be ready. He should be his own life vest.

Darling, honestly, a person is more than his mistakes.

He will learn his lessons like normal people do. He will feel sorry; he will realize everything. Life is imperfect too. Even if he commits tons of wrongdoings, you have to see his eagerness to change. You need to look at his willingness to win you back.

The universe links you and him, constantly, for a reason. You gave him the space he needed. You already let him explore the world on his own. Now, he finally knew that the Earth is a much beautiful place when you’re together. He’s not just saying sorry, he’s taking extra effort with it. If he’s not doing anything, you better think twice. If he just sugarcoats everything, he does not deserve to have your heart again. You need actions, not just flowery words.

To love someone is to look beyond his flaws. If he chooses you and you feel the same way, it is worth another try. To love is choosing the same person, every day, all the time. If he gives his promises, mark his words. As long as your heart wants him, let it happen. As long as you can love wholly, fight for it. The vast galaxies might be against your on-and-off love story but they will never understand the connection that you have.

You always have that spark – keep it.

Love is always a risk worth-taking. There will never be a perfect relationship. Even in the long-term ones, trials happen once in awhile. At the end of the day, love wins. This time, don’t let your guard down. Shield your heart from the toxic you might get. You have him but you need to love yourself more. You are the priority. You are the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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