It Will Always Be You

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Isabela Kronemberger

I always believe in second chances. I always have the heart to forgive someone, no matter how painful it is. It was never easy. It is dreadful. Somehow, I always listen to what I really feel. I look beyond a person’s mistakes. I look on how this person changed my life in positive ways. I may look stupid and martyr but this is how I love. And this is why I am choosing you, always.

It is you who I always want to be with. You still hold the top spot as my favorite person. You will always be one of the main characters on my book. You are the leading man of my movie. Be it fancy dates or just watching Harry Potter series, I always find your company amazing. You make me happy in ways that no one else does. You are my home.

It is your hands that I always want to hold. I love how the gaps between my fingers perfectly fit yours. When I’m holding you, the pain eases right away. You cast my fears and doubts. You turn my worries down. You make things better, without even knowing it. You are always willing to face my troubles and feel my bruises. You are my hero.

It is you who make me look forward in every single day. You are the reason why I’m in love with sunrises and sunsets. When I wake up in the morning, you are the first person who crosses my mind. At night, you are always my last thought. You are a purpose in each of my agenda. You belong in my dreams, you are on the blueprint.

It is your lips that I always want to kiss. It is your touch that I always want to feel. You are not the thorns of my rose, you are the petals. Yes, you make me feel beautiful. The way you caress me is undeniably perfect. You turn my darkest days into the brightest ones. You bring thrills on my boring routines. You are always ready to swim onto my deep waters – to comprehend my thoughts, to understand me.

It is you who always make me feel special. I am neither a queen nor a princess but you have ways to treat me like one. You are not getting out of ideas to amuse me. It seems like making me smile comes out to you naturally. You are the adventure that I always want to take. You are the photograph that I always want to capture. Your goofy dances or cranky jokes make my day. You are giving your best shot for us, for our relationship. You are a keeper.

It is your voice that gives me sanity. It is you who quiets my panic attacks. You calm the storms inside me. You taught me how to surf along the tsunamis. You helped me win my wars and you are my shield. You brought peace throughout my catastrophes. Before you, I was never sure about everything. But now, I was so sure of everything about you.

It is you who I want to share the rest of my life with. I always knew that our souls met for a reason. We always come back to each other’s arms. You are, and will always be, my forever person. Our destiny works pretty great because you and I happen, all the time. You made me appreciate life more. You are the future I am longing to see. I can’t wait to open my eyes while I’m lying next to you. No matter how twisted our ropes will be, it is you who I want to get tangled with. I believe in the power of us. I believe in the strength within love.

This is my way of saying how grateful I am to have you. You are more than your shortcomings. You are my person and you will always be the one. The roads get bumpy and rocky but I know that you will be by my side until the end. Struggles will come, problems will be faced. And yet, it is you who will always have my heart.

It is you. It is still you. It has always been you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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