8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’ve Been Cheated On

when you've been cheated on
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There are kinds of pain that linger. Being the victim of cheating once is not easy to overcome. Not all people can understand what you’re dealing with. Not everyone can see the impact it caused you. Naturally, these are the few things that come out to you in which people who surround you are not totally aware of.

1. Your trust is difficult to gain.

You allow yourself to meet new people. But somehow, it is hard for you to be comfortable with someone too easily. You take a lot of time to know them well. You have your own trust issues. You are always finding what their true intentions are. For you, you will never settle for anything less, again.

2. You constantly overthink.

You are afraid of committing the same mistakes. You put too much pressure in your mind. Before starting a new chapter in your life, you tend to think of the worst things that could happen. You are doomed with your own paranoia. Instead of focusing on the good side, you are dwelling in the bad ones. Crowding your head leads to pessimism. Yes, it is unhealthy.

3. You are judgmental.

When someone compliments you, it is arduous for you to believe. When someone gives you attention, you push them away. When someone acts differently, you assume that there’s a problem within the two of you. Even if you don’t completely know what’s going on, you involve yourself in the subject. You tend to misjudge people and yet, this is not what you intend to do.

4. You generalize men as cheaters.

Men are born polygamous. On the other hand, they have choices too. You see them as the people who will hurt you once you give them the license. But honestly, everyone’s going to mark a bruise in your heart. You just have to know who the worthy ones are. There are still good men, the non-cheating ones, in this good world.

5. You are a person of the past.

Your opinions and decisions are still bonded with your past experiences. Sometimes, you refuse opportunities because of the grudges within you. You still hold that heavy baggage. You are unconsciously closing doors for the things that are coming. It is okay to visit the past but staying too long should not be an option.

6. You ask questions too often.

You are filled with what ifs and whys. You are becoming the investigative one. You are clouded with uncertainty. You are bombarded with doubts. Most people might find you annoying but they never know how much you endured. Likewise, you need to find the answers within you. Start asking those questions to yourself first.

7. You always ask for assurance.

You may look needy but all you want is sanity. You need love, the true one. You need a love that stays, grows and ponders. You will always look back on how your previous relationships ended because of cheating. With this, you ought to be guaranteed.

8. You are overprotective.

As long as you can, you don’t want to lose someone again. You tend to be the dominant one. You hold them with a tight grip. Your demands are getting lofty. They will ask for you to loosen up but honestly, you just need someone to stay by your side. You need someone to calm the storms and swim with you along the floods.

You are standing at your own shoes. They will never know how to feel exactly like you. Cheating can ruin the peace within you. You need to pick up the pieces and glue yourself back together. You need people to empathize the fears, anxieties and miseries in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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