This Is How You Know He Really Loves You

This Is How You Know He Really Loves You
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Relationships require a lot from you. It is bounded with time, effort, and affection. Both of you should give your best shot to make everything work out. You should not be alone in the battle arena. He should be your strength, your foundation. You should be his gem, his masterpiece.

If he really loves you, he will always make you feel special. No matter how busy he gets, he will find time to drop a message to you. From “Good morning” to “Good night” texts, he will bring the love in you. There is always a way for him to exert his effort from handwritten love letters up to spending “babe time” with you. You will not just hear “I love you” from him; you will always feel it, even in the tiniest bit of your heart.

If he really loves you, he will share his stories with you. You are the first person he will call to tell good news to. You are his diary. Your small talks are his favorite. He will never be ashamed to rant randomly or curse someone in front of you. He values your words of wisdom. You are his safe haven. You are his comfort zone.

If he really loves you, he will see you as the most beautiful creature in this world. He will love your flaws, even if you hate them so much. He will always look at you as his brightest star. For him, you are a gorgeous human being. He will never fail to make you feel this way. You are a blessing for him. You are his gift.

If he really loves you, being with you will always be enough. He won’t care if you just want to watch a Netflix series and chill. Fancy dates will be great, but he won’t bother if you just like to cuddle all night. Your crazy will match his crazy. You will always have your thing that only the two of you can relate to. Having you by his side makes him profoundly happy. He will be contented with your special bond, all the way.

If he really loves you, your love will not be taken for granted. He will make sure that your passion for him will be reciprocated, the way you truly deserve. He will appreciate you, in all forms. He will remember every detail about you, even the smallest ones. Your heart will be treasured by him wholly. You will be in good hands.

If he really loves you, he will treat you right. You will be his queen. No, he won’t spoil you, but he’ll make you experience royalty. His thoughtfulness will always be on the top level. He will secure you, will make you feel safe. He will give you the assurance without even asking for it. He will not leave questions in your head. He will build the future with you. He will be your hero, even in the simplest ways. You will find your sanity in him. He will be your certainty.

A relationship is worthy if love strongly binds you. You love him, you always do. You are always willing to fight the odds to see the roads of forever. If he really loves you, keep him. Settle for what makes you more of a person. Stay for someone who brings the sunshine out of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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