This Is How She Misses You

This Is How She Misses You
David Preston

The girl that was once “your girl” finally realized her worth. She accepted the fact that you’re not coming back. She is living her life now, without you. She is constructing her own world, built with her dreams. She sees the rays of light, the brighter side of things. She is moving forward.

At least, that was what she thought.

It’s been days, but she is still searching for you in the crowd. Hearing your name makes her head turn, hoping that it is really you. She has been secretly stalking you on social media or through your common friends. She is always thinking what you’re doing or what you’re up to. She misses you, a lot.

Her heart is still filled with you. Her head is still fueled with memories of you. She is wondering if you’re missing her, too. She is reminiscing the moments that made her laugh so hard. She always remembers how you treated her like a queen of your own castle. She reveres the gentleman in you. And yet, she still cries herself to sleep.

She is still longing for your touch. When the night is cold, she needs your warm body to caress her. She misses your subtle kisses, your sweet nothings. She is still expecting for your surprise hugs from the back. She still sees you as her shoulder to lean on, her favorite person.

She used to tell you about her random rants and her how-my-day-went stories. You were her human diary. Now, she is holding back her whereabouts. She was never sure if other people could understand her the way you did. She yearns for your wisdom. She still wants to listen to your thoughts.

She thought she is doing well with her heartbroken days. She always hopes that every day will get better. But there are times that it still hits her. Like a bullet, it comes straight to every parts of her. She still calls for your existence. She still loves you.

She is praying that the galaxies will collide to have you in her arms again. But if that’s impossible, she hopes that the heavens will let her shine. Time will help her find the star within her.

She will get pass through this, just let her miss you first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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