Stay Single Until You Find The Guy Who Gives You The Love You Truly Deserve

Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Gives You The Love You Truly Deserve
Frank McKenna

Love is the most clichéd necessity. You spend your whole life finding for that perfect love. You set your own standards. You already drew what the man of your dreams will look like. But honestly, there is one standard that supersedes all: the kind of love that you truly deserve.

You deserve a love that keeps you happy. You have your own thing that only the two of you can understand. Your smile is his greatest achievement. From the first day up to now, you will always be precious to him. You don’t need to ask, he will naturally exert efforts just to keep you. You deserve a relationship built with unconditional bliss.

You deserve a love that takes you home. His presence will be more than enough. Your presence is his comfort zone. The nights will never be dark because he is your star. He will bring the light in you. The warmth of his arms will keep you safe. The way he caresses you will ease your entire burden.

You deserve a love that makes you a better person. He will calm the storms within you. He will embrace your flaws. He will appreciate all parts of you. Whatever the forth comings are, this person will support you. He will be your backbone, your strength. He won’t bring the hurricanes, he will suffice them. He won’t spoil you with bad habits; he will be your good influence. You deserve someone who unleashes your full potential. You deserve someone who brings out the best in you.

You deserve a love that chooses you, always. You deserve someone who makes time for you. You will be his favorite person. You are worthy of the person who creates imminent tomorrows with you. Your worlds will collide. Under any circumstances, there are no doubts because you will always have him. You always got his back. The right person will choose you, every day, all the time.

You deserve a love that stays. You don’t deserve someone who hasn’t made his mind up yet. You deserve a love with assurance, sincerity and loyalty. You don’t deserve someone who gets tired, needs space and leaves constantly. You deserve someone who will navigate the galaxies while he has you. With him, realities will be better than expectations. He will surpass all the fairy tales. He will be more than just a Prince Charming. He will save you, at all odds. He will not hang you; he will hold your hands to reach for the sky.

You deserve a love that grows. You deserve someone who sees you as his forever person. You deserve someone who treats you as his lifetime partner. He will take care of your relationship. One of his goals will be settling down with you in the future. You are part of his plans; you are in every chapter of his book.

Stephen Chbosky reminds us that, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Start on believing that you deserve the best. When it comes, put your heart in it. No one deserves less. You deserve this once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. You deserve a love that will lift your spirit up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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