Just Because Your Heart Is Broken, That Doesn’t Mean You’re Broken

Just Because Your Heart Is Broken, That Doesn't Mean You're Broken
Adi Constantin

Your dreams are still haunted by him. Every love song reminds you of him. You are still stuck on the thought of him leaving you. The bitter taste is not yet over. You still miss him, you really do.

Today, your heart aches. The amount of pain welcomes you with turbulence. You feel how shattered your hopes are. Memories of him keep on burning you. You feel how broken you are, like there is nothing left. You are totally drained. Every part of you is destroyed, all because of one person.
Despite the pain, you need to put yourself back together. Let go of the mindset that he is the one who completes you. You are not a fraction, even before you met him. You are a whole. You are more than these broken pieces inside you. In this universe, you are a star.

You have cried a sea of tears. You have shed a mass of bruises. Someday, it will all be worth it. It will be over. Do not dwell on the past. Live in the present. It may seem blurry at this point, but soon enough, things will get better. You will see the vivid reason behind what you’re going through right now.

Honestly, you are not broken. You are just hurt. It may be on an extreme level, but don’t ever think that you are wrecked. Yes, the loneliness kills you but you are more than that. You mean the world. Your beauty is beyond the velvety skies. You deserve an ocean of happiness. But first, you need to choose glee. You need to express a genuine smile from your heart.

Now, go on and live your precious life. The pain will make you stronger. These battles will be worth fighting for. Every war is a challenge, but it will only bring out the best in you. He is not your shield. He is not your defender. You are your own weapon. You are your own army. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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