25 Things I’ve Learned In My 25th Year

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The eve of my 26th birthday is fast approaching next week and it dawned on me how much I have changed in one year. From ending a three year relationship, to living completely alone for the first time in my life, I decided to reflect on exactly what it is that I have learned. So here it goes:

1. Money should be spent on experiences and traveling, not drinking it away at the bar.

2. Always put on mascara before leaving the house. It makes all the difference between looking like a walking zombie or bright eyed and bushytailed. Fake it until you make it, right?

3. There is no need to live with worry and anxiety; there is Xanax for that.

4. Invest in quality over quantity as far as friends go. Spend time with people who you trust, can count on, and know would be there for you no matter what the situation.

5. Being the drunkest person at any event is not funny, cute, or something to be proud of. College is over.

6. Period accidents are no longer acceptable. Underwear should stay unstained (I know this is almost impossible)

7. Setting timelines for marriage, kids, etc is unhealthy. Never feel less than because something didn’t happen as you originally planned.

8. Dating absolutely SUCKS. Plain and simple.

9. Have one vacation/trip planned for every calendar year. It helps to have to have something to look forward to when you realize there are not a lot (in my case none) of paid holidays between January 1st and May 31st.

10. Working out needs to be a habit. Do not fall off the wagon.

11. Trying to make it work with every person you date is unrealistic. Not everyone is meant to be “the one”. If you find a red flag then it’s time to move on.

12. Start everyday by thinking a positive thought.

13. Manicure/Pedicures are a need, not a want. Budget for them.

14. Instantaneous gratification has to stop. Things need to be thought through a few times over.

15. Do not say you are over something if you’re not. It always comes up again later…with a vengeance.

16. If you don’t like your job at 25, it’s probably not just going to get better. Stop bitching and make changes.

17. Having shaped eyebrows makes more of a difference than a full face of makeup.

18. The time is now to go back to school. It only gets harder the longer you wait.

19. Regrets are for the birds. Learn from mistakes and don’t make them again.

20. Stop buying cheap shit and invest in nicer things.

21. Take risks. Not ones that can cause harm but playing it safe all the time is boring.

22. There is such a thing as bad sex.

23. Live alone for at least a year. It teaches you more about yourself than you knew possible.

24. Wear red lipstick. I’ve never seen someone who didn’t look good in it.

25. Keep your head up. No matter how bad something may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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