5 Convincing Reasons Why Democrats (And Independents) Should Vote In The GOP Primary

Jeb Bush pushing Mitt Romney aside via Flickr - Donkeyhotey
Jeb Bush pushing Mitt Romney aside via Flickr – Donkeyhotey

If you’re a registered R, then your primary season this year is shaping up to be a doozy. If you’re a D, then not so much. Like her or not, Hillary Clinton looks prepared to go through more of a coronation than a primary season. So why waste your vote? Cross over to the other side and vote in the GOP primary. Many states have an open primary so this takes no more effort than crossing the aisle on primary day. For other states you can easily switch your registration in advance of primary day. Why should you do this?

Reason #1:

The GOP primary nominee will most likely be sitting in the White House come 2016. America has this funny 8 years on, 8 years off routine for its two parties. And it’s the Republicans turn in the White House. But not all Republicans are created equal. Vote for one that you could actually tolerate running your country.

Reason #2:

Jeb Bush. Establishment Republican donors are donating millions, billions, and qua-jillions to buy him the primaries. Unless you want to see Jeb in your White House (kill me now), get out there and vote in the GOP primaries.

Reason #3:

Your vote in the Democratic primary is meaningless. Newspaper reporters, you can write up your headlines now. Hillary Clinton wins nomination. So D’s and I’s, don’t waste your vote. Head over to the GOP primary.

Reason #4:

War-weary? Jeb Bush is already talking about his third Bush war. He’s proud of it too. Hired all his brother and daddy’s advisors so they can start crafting their war now and be all ready to launch it come January 2017. (And no, not all Republicans are as gung-ho about policing the world as Bush. Check out Rand Paul.)

Reason #5:

Even if you like Hillary, haven’t there been enough presidential dynasties? There’s no stopping her from winning the nomination now but we could at least stop Jeb. If we don’t stop them now, what’s next? George P. vs. Chelsea 2024?

And yes, I’m a registered Republican giving this advice. Please, please, please, come save us from ourselves D’s and I’s. Or rather save us from the billionaires who are trying to buy our GOP primary. Because these GOP donors’ sons and daughters get corporate positions at age 22 and create more millions and billions. They don’t have to serve overseas sacrificing life, or limb, or being at the birth of their first-born child to fight these Bush-ordered wars. Let’s stop Jeb Bush now. Because as a military spouse, I’m not really allowed to emigrate to Canada. Besides, it’s awful cold up there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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