We 20-Somethings Are The Most Cynical People Alive


That’s already been said that life after graduation is hard. We have to take a mediocre job that kills our passion because our parents soon start to stop supporting us. If we’re lucky enough, we land on that dream job we always wanted. Next, we have to live from this first job-limited salary and count our own expenses day by day, so that we can make it until the next paycheck. But everything will not stop there. Later and soon enough, this job leads you to boredom and this is the start of all the negativity.

Boredom will make us realize that we are still a kid deep down. A kid supposed to be free from taxes, grocery shop and rent money. A kid should know not about any responsibility. The minute later we start to miss the sweet, sweet time of college years and the friends who now live so far from us. We miss to hang out, lost time and just-laugh-it-all with them. All the longing will bring us to where we keep all the documentation of our crazy days, Facebook photo albums and whoops! Universe conspires to let us see people’s update in our homepage: people getting engaged, married, new job or traveling photos, and etc.

So, what the hell happen to us? We will start to question about everything. Why am I stuck with this job? Why we don’t have boyfriend? Why does our partner so selfish? Why the balance in our account only has two digits? Can we go traveling, like, now? Why our parents always talking about somebody’s kid? Aren’t they proud of us? Is this the life we deserve? Why can’t we get what we want so that we could be happy? Then, we text our friends for advice just to find out that most of them feel exactly the same too. We hate it; friends are supposed to be giving advice and cheer us up. But when one of our friends gives good advice, we call her/his a wise-ass. We feel miserable even more.

As we are busy being miserable, we forget to sit with ourselves and ask these questions to the person inside of us, “Does everything happened to me final? Can I change it? Is this the best that I could pull off?” We are busy looking back and think how much older we have, while we fail to see that we are the youngest employee in our office. We are busy counting on what goes wrong and never consider our blessings. We are busy sabotaging ourselves to be happy on a daily basis because we only focus on happy ending. We avoid trying more and more because loathing reality is way much easier.

We can be better, we are better. But, no. Cause we choose to believe that adulthood is not fair and it’s all left to blame. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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