Read This When You Feel Undeserving Of Love


Most of us beg for love, one way or another. A mistake nearly everyone makes. We plead to our parents, to our friends, to our partners, and sometimes even to our dogs for affection. Piteous.

I am doubtful when it comes to the truth about love. All these years, I had to love them first before they could love me back. I have always thought that this is how love works—that it comes with a price; that the bill has to be paid first before someone can truly love you. Another misconception is that you have to ask, or most of the time, beg for it before you can have it.

I bet we have all been to the season of sleepless nights with empty bottles of beers and ashes of cigars. If not yet, then wait for it. We have all been in front of the mirror. We have all stared blankly at our reflection as we tried to wipe away the tears that welled up in our eyes, and we hate how they just won’t stop flowing when we want them to.

We have all asked ourselves the FAQs: What the hell is wrong with me? Why the hell am I not enough? We have all despised ourselves for being so stupid. Little did we know that it is not us, it is them. We do not deserve the people who made us doubt our worth. We do not deserve their love. If they sincerely loved us, they would not have done that. But they did. They destroyed us.

This is the kind of love that need not to look for. It will be the one to look for us because we are worth the search. This is the love that would give us eyes that see the good in everything.

We deserve someone who won’t get sick of admiring the rose that we are, but is also courageous enough to embrace the thorns that come with it; someone who could get along with the worst version of ourselves that even we could not accept; someone who could open their eyes and look straight into our flaws; someone who won’t give up just because the situation seems hopeless. We deserve the one who will make us stay no matter how stubborn we are, the one who would pull us back whenever we try to walk away. We deserve someone who would run after us before the movie ends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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