Love Doesn’t Just Happen


Feelings are delusional. Don’t let these trick you into believing in something that does not exist in reality. Just because someone makes your heart skip a beat does not mean it will lead to love. I think that’s the problem most of us fail to recognize. Love does not just happen. It takes time, and most importantly, acceptance.

Just when I think something’s going well, reality unmasked the concealed truth that until now, I refuse to endure without protest.

I’m not perfect. In fact, I’m the opposite of everything that’s good. However, time allowed me to master the art of deception. I’ve known how to present myself as one of the best things that could ever happen to someone. But once my vulnerability uncurtains itself, I start to suck, because in reality, I really do suck. And it happened again. Someone dug deep into my seemingly sleek and firm core and found the rottenness that I used to bury every day.

I almost believed that this could work, but it didn’t. It didn’t because the spine-chilling truth was loosened. And as they say, once the truth was set free, you can do nothing to bring it back to its cage. It will roar wildly until the right person hears it. Guess you can only lock the truth with your lies for so long until they mess your life in ways you didn’t expect. Eventually, someone will come banging at your door just to make you believe that something good can actually happen to a rascal like you, then leave without a notice and hesitation after seeing how your colors melt away into disgusting shades of grey.

Love does not just happen. It won’t happen unless you get rid of your demons. The demons that scare the shit out of the people whose hearts are filled with confetti and unicorns and whose bellies are stuffed with dancing butterflies. Love does not just happen, especially when people can’t accept the fact that your demons are what make you who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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