10 Reasons Why Tech Nerds Are Amazingly Wonderful People

Sliders - The First and Second Seasons
Sliders – The First and Second Seasons

1. They’re problem solvers. This means they really like to win at board games like Settlers of Catan, want to find the most efficient way to organize books, or want to maximize the return on investment of the groceries that they buy each week. A true tech nerd would never wait in line for a new iPhone. They would cleverly know how to get one in advance, test it out, and provide Apple with important product reviews.

2. They love technology. This is great because they always know about a new useful product that is basically life changing.

3. They don’t really like sports. This is a pretty logical one, there are plenty of other more intellectual activities to be involved in!

4. They really love technology. This is actually extremely worthwhile because it means that they’re smart, understand and appreciate the complexity of computers, phones, wireless, security etc. This also means that they’re on the cutting edge of inventions that could help the world. I don’t just mean conveniences likes smartphone apps greatly help to navigate the NYC subway system; I mean their goal is to enable unrestricted access to communication and the free flow of information.

5. They are helpful. You can benefit A LOT from having a friend who knows how to debug your computer or install apps on your phone to save you time, energy and frustration.

6. Most likely they’re making money, or will be soon because they have a really great idea and a patent out to create a new gadget that we never knew we needed until about now.

7. They know about what’s going on in the world because they watch the news or read the paper or occasionally scan Facebook for something new and interesting with regards to solving problems or learning about a new product. They might seem like they operate in their own bubble but they’re virtually connected to a lot of independent and innovative thinkers.

8. They’re efficient. Because of their knowledge of technology they know how to do things fast, or if it takes them extra time they usually get it right on the first couple of tries because they also have fairly decent logic.

9. They usually have real emotions because back in the day they were bullied for being different and they know it sucks. They appreciate real friends.

10. They’re comfortable in their own skin, totally content to be their own unique selves because it makes them happy

So if you’re a nerd, embrace it. There are a ton of awesome people like you out there in the world. TC Mark

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