5 Ways To Conquer Your Self-Doubt


As an incredibly stressed generation, we often face mountains of insecurity and competition. Self-doubt is a product of the societal web we all find ourselves in. It is a tricky web to escape, but the liberation associated brings a greater understanding and fullness in our beings.

1.) Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

If decision-making is as stressful for you as it is for me, this trick will come in handy. Make tiny and large deadlines for yourself depending on the individual task. It could be something as simple as going to the grocery store, or a decision as complex as which graduate school to attend. Regardless, give yourself a deadline to make a decision that correlates with its importance. Once you’ve made a deadline and committed to the decision, it’s harder to waver in the future. You will have enough time to weigh the pro’s and con’s, while also gaining confidence in the decision you came to.

2.) Practice Self Love

In our generation, it seems we base our self-confidence on a number of likes we generate. It’s time for us to cast away the idea that others opinions of us is somehow more relevant than our own understanding of ourselves. Practice self reflection, and if this requires a bit more introversion than normal, great. Whether it’s through motivated exercise, personal study, or any other individual practice you wish; being alone with yourself will greaten your acceptance of yourself. We all have countless flaws, and countless individual characteristics that form our being. Get to know your mind, and let yourself know that you’re an amazing form of life. Embrace your differences.

3.) Eagerly Expand Your Consciousness and Awareness

Broaden that perspective!! Many times we doubt ourselves because we view arenas of our lives in very one tracked, black and white ways. To what avail? We are faced with limitless options, choices, and paths of motion, how can we divide things so meticulously?

Speak with people you don’t agree with, people of different cultures, people of different socioeconomic status, people of different sexual orientations. The world will seem less small, and less unforgiving. We are all children of this world, seeking to love and provide shelter for those we care about. Once you find yourself more aligned with a diversity of perspectives, you’ll see what a unique path and life you have for yourself.

4.) Give, Give, Give, and You Receive

This one seems overdone, but I believe the phrase has more value than we can ever attribute it. It seems to me, not a religious proposal, but a universal law. Do and you shall see an effect (for better or   worse). The same is true of giving, whether it’s in action, in thought, in words, or in time. You will constantly doubt yourself if you fill your mind with jealousy over those who have more or do more, etc. There will always be someone with more, and there will always be many with less. When you concentrate on using your energies to better the world for many, you will see the rewards and feel the benefits of doing more selfless work. How can you doubt your potential when you see it change lives and attitudes?

5.) Embrace Perceived “Failures”

When our generation began being on sports teams as tots, there was a large emphasis on NO LOSERS. Do you guys remember that? There were participation awards, 17th place awards, coolest socks awards, etc. We were NOT ALLOWED to fail. Growing up with this mindset, as many of us did, when we had to face actual failure in adulthood, we were destroyed. We view each failure as a complete breakdown of our character. This is not the case!! I wish, instead, that we would have been taught to embrace failure. So that we, as a generation, could understand that failure itself is a means to end. With each failure, we are closer to our success.

So to block out self doubt, focus on those ‘shortcomings’ as steps to your ultimate goal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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