9 Things That Happen When You’re Obsessed With Green Tea

Flickr / A Girl With Tea
Flickr / A Girl With Tea

1. You’ll become a brand-snob.

You get giddy just walking down the tea and beverages aisle, as if you’re dressed in a brides’ gown because guess what, happiness is right there within your grasps…on the shelves, that is. There’s always bound to be a new brand in stock, but you’ll still get the same one because old habits die hard and you can’t risk sampling a new one that doesn’t reach the standard of your usual.

2. You’ll lose count of how many mugs you’ve had.

Was it the fifth or the sixth, it doesn’t really matter because you’re gonna brew yourself another one again anyway. You won’t know when to stop and at times when you realized that you’ve had way too many, you’ll have to consciously remind yourself not to open the doors of your kitchen cabinet because just the sight of it may entice you.

3. Everyone always knows what to get you at the restaurant.

“And she’ll have green tea please” is a phrase you’ll hear far too often. No matter where you go, you’ll always have the same old same old, so much so you become an easy nut to crack. Best part of all, you won’t take forever on the menu because if green tea’s in the beverage selection, your choice is already made up for you.

4. You’ll fall in love with everything related to it.

Scented perfumes, air fresheners, body scrubs…you name it and you’ve got it in the scent of green tea. This also makes shopping for scented things so much easier because if green tea’s in the equation, it becomes a no-brainer.

5. You’ll start reading more.

After all, what’s the perfect companion to a good old mug of green tea than a novel? Besides making for a cute photo op, nothing beats chugging down your favourite beverage whilst flipping through a good book.

6. You’ll understand what disappointment means when it’s not made right.

Hold the sugar! Green tea’s meant to be drunk as it is, plain and simple. When people start adding sugar and other forms of sweeteners to their green tea, it downright upsets you. Also, nothing spells disappointment like when you’ve made yourself a cup and left it out for too long that it’s turned cold.

7. Nobody needs to tell you to calm down.

You are calm as it is, after having had one too many cups. Odds are if you’re a green tea fanatic, you can’t be too anxious of a person. After all, the drink calms you down one sip at a time. You’re likely unfazed by worries because you know that whatever comes your way, you can always brew a mug, sit down, and think it out.

8. You’ll become unadventurous when it comes to desserts.

Every pastry choice will be a green tea because you simply can’t miss out on the opportunity to sample your favourite tea in the form of cakes, macarons and cookies. And to go with these sweet treats, you’ll have a cup of green tea too – a no-brainer right?

9. You’ll always, always have a pick-me-up.

Had a long hard day? Don’t worry about it, there’s always a good ol’ mug waiting to cheer you up. Best part is, there’ll be no surprises to your favourite drink. It will always, always taste, feel and smell the same. That’s comfort in a mug for ya! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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