Life Is The Endless Pursuit Of Falling Apart

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The truth? Life is the endless pursuit of falling apart.

You could wake up tomorrow and receive everything you desire. You could wake up next week and lose everything that you hold so dearly.

There is no map. There is no rulebook. No one knows what they are doing. No one.

We are here to dig and fall apart and move forward only in pursuit of what is lasting, and true. You cannot find it in a book, a dollar sign, a city, another person, or a status. Truth can only be found at the very core of who you are. Who you are when you strip away all that you believe yourself to be. Who you are when you strip away everything you feel you must do in order to be worthy here. Who you are without the contexts in which you define yourself.

Truth can only be found in the void of paradox — the deepest pains which are tinged with a strange light of deep beauty, the whole love that fills your heart so full you feel the ever-present pressure to which the breaking may break you. Life is the endless pursuit of discovering who you are embedded within the tapestry of light and dark. Who you are here to be as you walk the fragile line between birth and death. Life is here to show you who you are if you surrender to all that it brings.

My hope is that you let life in. My hope is that you open up to the possibility that there are lessons in every experience. My hope is that you awaken one day to remember that the learning is never over. My hope is that you let life destroy you and rebirth you again and again until you realize that everything, all of it, is right on time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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