I Hope You Love Yourself First

I Hope You Love Yourself First
Amber Kipp

I hope that you wait for a love that is kind. A love that recognizes the beauty of your heart at first glance.

I hope that you find a love that is not here to heal you, save you or fix you. I hope that you learn that you are not broken, and that there was never anything to fix in the first place.

I hope you learn that any hole in your heart is in the shape of your own two hands. I hope you learn to hold yourself.

I hope you are loved so fully by your own heart that you meet your other with the sweetness of knowing that they cannot complete you.

I hope that you meet your love with such unshakable worthiness, that you don’t doubt for a day that you deserve this.

I hope that you feel so held by your own heart that you go out in this world and create what you wish like mad, and that you are met in your worthiness and supported abundantly.

I hope love is here only as a mirror to remind you of all that you are and all that you can be.

I hope that your love walks tall with your heart on their sleeve.

I hope that your love is selfish, and you take what you need without guilt or shame.

I hope that your love is serving you to become bigger than you imagined for yourself.

I hope that your love is not here for your suffering – for they are here only to see you rise.

I hope that you are your own knight in shining armor.

More than anything, I hope that you love yourself first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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