Here’s The Simple Reason You’re Broke All The Time And How You Can Fix It

Jeremy Paige

Last year, I carried a note in my wallet that had a beyond brilliant mantra a mentor of mine shared with me and encouraged me to use:

“I am supported by what I love. Abundance flows effortlessly into my life. I am worthy of $5000 a month.”

You see – $5000 was my ideal monthly income. Yet I was making at most $2000 a month, and couldn’t break it. At some point my brain just said, “Fuck this hippie manifestation shit, it doesn’t work”.

For a while, I gave up.

For a while, I held on with white knuckles to the belief that I was and would only ever be a broke-ass bitch.

The problem?

Abundance was in my brain, but it wasn’t in my body.

Intellectually, I recognized my power. I was saying it, but not believing it. I was saying it, but not leaping into the unknown. I was saying it, but not embodying it. I was wanting abundance, but not choosing abundance. I had the website up, the writing happening, all the mechanics in place yet just expected the views and the followers and the clients to show up at my doorstep. I had no trust in my worth or my capabilities.

There is a difference between wanting abundance and choosing it.

There is a difference between wanting to take creative leaps of faith and trust, and actually being in free fall.

There is a difference between believing that you are powerful, and moving through this world as if you are worthy of all that you desire.

Stop pretending, and bring your whole self to life’s table. We’re all waiting for you to fully shine your light. There is no need to be afraid of your immense gifts.

Artists, entrepreneurs, women, humans – know your worth. You are powerful.

Go do your thing and watch the world pay attention.

Oh, and that note in my wallet? It now says $50,000. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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