3 Ways Complicated People Are Actually Not That Complicated

People often question the actions and reactions of the ones they deem “complicated” people. The reason being it’s quite difficult to read them, more so understand them. Complicated people are defined as those who can’t seem to act or react like the typical norm. They tend to think before they express it, react slower or faster than others, and almost always have a different tone of mood than anyone else in the room.

The truth is, complicated people aren’t really complicated. Here’s why:

1. Their actions are almost always thought of thoroughly.

They act on their definition of what’s right for them at the moment. The difference between them and normal people, is that they have probably had a similar experience from their past, and are acting on the basis of the effect of the previous situation. In retrospect, this makes them a big asset in a sequence.

2. They react either slower, or way faster than others.

Others may call them unpredictable. The truth is, they are just either truly honest or have strong beliefs that make them act quickly. When they react slower, they have probably considered the people that will be affected. Either way, slow to them gives the best probability of a positive result.

3. They have too many faces or personalities, and you never know which one to believe.

They have different sets of friends, and each of them also has different personalities. For each side, a different group of people exists surrounding it. If you are new to meeting someone like this, consider that you have not only seen one side. If you see the different types of people this person hangs out with, you will see this person is a whole because of all of these personalities. They have a way of balancing their world, and that means they can allow one extreme personality to come out one at a time. Underneath all that is still just one person.

Allow your mind to be open to these types of people. You may think they hold a front, but you would be lucky enough to meet someone who knows things so deeply that they are able to spread out their life in all of its aspects. They are able to not control, but know things well enough that they foresee a better probability to what is possibly the most positive result. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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