What Happens When You Start To Move On

You broke up. You suffered. You got back together. You suffered even more. You broke up again. You cried, you called your parents, and your dad told you to pull your shit together.

So you did.

And then you met someone new.

It’s kind of a crazy feeling, when you meet someone who makes you forget for a little bit, who causes your pain to evaporate. You went out dancing, you got drunk, you managed to resist going home with them. But you realized later that night, when you got home, that you hadn’t thought about that other person for hours. And then you felt the relief.

You felt cleansed. You realized you can do this, you can move on. You realized that breakup wasn’t the end of your romantic life; it was the end of a disaster, the end of a dark, destructive storm, and now the skies are clear and blue and you feel refreshed, and it’s time to get back to work.

Your heart is fresh. It’s not covered in bruises from the beatings it took; it’s repaired — or, at the very least, is repairing — and ready to keep looking for someone new to attach itself to.

You realize what new romance feels like. You had forgotten what it feels like to flirt, to not hold back, to have an absolute blast with someone you’re attracted to.

You had forgotten what it feels like when that someone else is interested in you too.

It’s exciting. It’s enticing. It’s addictive. You walk around with a feeling of pride, of victory, of cheer and joy and the kind of attitude where not even the person who made you doubt yourself can touch you now.

You realize that you are lovable. People are attracted to you! That panicked feeling from the breakup was doubt about whether you were good enough for anyone else, whether anybody else would love you ever again. But you are, and that’s what is so freeing.

You’re moving on. Who knows if this one will be the one, or if you’ll have to go through the process again. The point is, you made it through that hellish storm, you survived, and you’re far better off now than you were before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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