Loving You Is Like A Wild Animal

Loving you is like a wild animal. We bring it to the grocery store and wander in love through the frozen food I love you more no I love you more while it devours a middle-aged-woman holding a large container of yogurt and she bleeds slowly to death on the linoleum, screaming. And we step through the puddle leaving two prints, when I am in love with you, I wear the cutest shoes.

Loving you is like a small child with two cups of coffee. Loving you is hanging from the curtains, climbing on the bookshelf, asking questions about the sky and the moon, asking questions about forever. And who can care about what time it is, or breathing, or changing your socks when you are so busy, being in love?

Loving you is like a train robbery. We are going one hundred miles per hour and we have nothing to lose. But we hold hands like bandits and we say we will take no prisoners. I will love you with reckless abandon. And we watch it burn, until there is nothing left of a left of love that was so big and so loud, until the day loving you sounds like a song I don’t know by a band I do know, loving you reminds me of a story someone told me about a friend of a friend’s sister.

And they say if you had been a little more careful, watered it and sung it songs, you could be like we are, standing together at parties, helping each other in our careers. Choosing unique and hard-to-crack passwords, eating lean proteins and dark green vegetables, living life like tomorrow is the big exam instead of like tonight could last forever, the way I loved you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Flickr / shlala

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