10 Realities Of Living In Idaho


1. So you’re from Iowa?

You will get this if you travel anywhere outside of Idaho/the west coast area. (Especially if you travel out of the country.) Even some well-meaning distant cousins who live on the east coast will ask you this. Sometimes you’ll answer yes just because you’re so tired of having to explain where Idaho is.

2. People think your currency is potatoes.

Let me inform everyone that Idaho is known as “the gem state.” Not the potato state. Yes we do love our mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, chips, and other potato items, but we do pay for items with actual money. Not potatoes. Sorry to break it to y’all.

3. Everyone is a little country.

If you live or were born in Idaho you probably know how to shoot a gun, drive a fourwheeler, and herd cattle — even if you live in the city (e.g. Boise, Sun Valley). Mostly everyone either has family or friends who are big hunters, who often think the first thing a little boy/girl needs to learn is the skill of self-preservation. You may or may not know someone who also re-loads their own ammunition…yeah we’re all about that.

4. You drive way too fast.

Since most of us having been driving tractors and trucks since we could touch the pedals we’re pretty comfortable behind the wheel — and we can get our legal license at 14. The Idaho speed limit is always 10 over what is posted, and 5 over is going slow. We’ll know you’re new if you’re actually going the speed limit. Back road speeds range from 70-120 mph. But if its 20 mph in a small town you go 20 mph, or better yet 10 mph? Beware.

5. You are used to extreme weather.

Summers in Idaho are just dry heat that usually peaks to over 100 degrees in the beginning of July and continues the rest of the summer. On the other hand, you can have winters where you’re snowed in and the temperatures dip well below zero. Pack thoughtfully.

6. You may be a little behind on pop culture.

I went home for Thanksgiving break and was partaking in conversation and brought up the phrase “about a week ago.” Was met with blank stares. Had to pull up the song. Awkward. Also had to explain what a basic white girl was. Let’s just say it takes awhile for trends to get here. For example sparkly Ugg boots are still in…

7. Family is everything.

Idaho is made up with a lot of small-one-stoplight towns. Everybody knows everybody and everybody knows everybody else’s business. Even if we get sick of the lack of privacy, we’re a tight knit group of people no matter what part of Idaho you come from.

8. The 2 finger wave.

If you’ve ever driven in Idaho you gotta master the 2 finger wave. A lot like the head nod, it takes a certain speed and “coolness” to pull it off. The best 2 finger waves come from old farmers with their tractors taking up every inch of the road.

9. We could survive an invasion.

Idaho is made up of thousands of people who hunt, fish, and farm for fun or a living. We have tons of natural resources and the most wildernesses areas in any state besides Alaska. Guarantee if there was an invasion or government shutdown we would get out our guns, protect our families, and live on our potato currency. Anyways, everybody already thinks we’re Iowa — Idaho is sneaky like that.

10. Idaho is full of some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

We are all about looking people in the eye and smiling. If you break down on the side of the road I can promise that there will be someone to pull you out, let you stay at their house, and help you in any way they can. So come out and visit sometime! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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