4 Ways To Deal With The Devastation After Your Favorite Show Gets Cancelled AKA ‘The Mindy Project’

It’s that time of year when networks are deciding what shows they will keep for the next season and which shows they will drop. This annual trend is plagued with heartbreak as year after year our favorite shows are cancelled, never to find what happens to our favorite characters. I mean, come on, please let me find out what happens to Mindy and Danny!

Here is a guide to help get you through the next few weeks of heartbreak. It’ll be okay, I promise. Even if we don’t get to see any more of Mindy Lahiri, Mindy Kaling has a book coming out in September.

1. Social media the heck out of it.

Whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your favorite social media site is, get on it and use it. Let the people on top know how you feel. You feel betrayed and hurt, and that’s fine. Tweet at the show, and they’ll probably appreciate the love. They’re hurting too, and sometimes it is nice to know other people are hurting when you are too. And don’t forget about all the other hurt fans too. They’ll be on social media too, so unite.

2. Binge watch all the past episodes and seasons (and cry).

There is absolutely nothing like sulking. It might not be healthy, but it will at least be self-satisfying for a time. Whether your favorite show only last 12 episodes or for a full five seasons, live in remembrance of that show for a short time. Hide out on your couch and relish the good times when you were oblivious of the end, when you lived without knowing pain or sorrow. You can laugh and cry at all the good times.

3. Hope that some other network will pick it up.

Rumors are flying. Hulu might pick it up, or maybe Netflix (or is it another network altogether). For all you care, it could be anyone. You can live in blissful ignorance for a little bit longer. There’s no harm in it. You can either stay on top of entertainment news, or you can go hide in a dark (internet-less) cave. Do whatever works for you, just stay hopefull.

4. Figure out what the creators are doing next.

If you like the Mindy Project, it is sad that Fox didn’t renew the show, but it is a relief to know Mindy Kaling is releasing a new book in September. It’s also nice to remember that most shows have tons of talented, creative people behind them, and surely most of those people will continue creating great things for the future. Track them down. Keep tabs on them. It sounds creepy, but if you do it you might get occasional glimpses back into the show you loved so dearly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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